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Software to bench test DirectX 10 video cards

3DMark Vantage is a technically advanced software application designed to perform bench tests on DirectX 10 video cards. This is often required by gamers and other industry professionals who need to determine if this card is performing correctly. The software provides a host of unique options and it offers highly detailed results within minutes.

Main Features and Usability

3DMark Vantage supplies two graphics tests. These are the Jane Nash and the New Calico examinations. However, it is also able to monitor the overall performance of a CPU. This will enable the user to determine which system might be impacting the graphics and to make any adjustments that could be necessary. The developers of this program have taken the DirectX10 graphics card into consideration, so it provides results that tend to be much more specific when compared to generic bench tests.

Additional Details and Tools

3DMark Vantage is equipped with a new rending engine that can work in conjunction with Windows API systems. It is available in multiple languages and the total file size of this bundle is 355.61 megabytes. It was first released in February 2014 and frequent updates have occurred since this time. So, the bundle is also compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 operating systems.


  • This software is specifically designed to bench test DirectX 10 graphics cards.
  • Multiple languages are supported by this application.


  • A substantial amount of memory is required for this package to run properly.
  • It cannot work with operating systems older than Windows Vista.

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3DMark Vantage


3DMark Vantage 1.0 for PC

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